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In the relaxed and peaceful environment of our healing arts center we provide hands-on therapies and movement practices to assist your healing and relaxation process. Therapies including chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, microcurrent and various massage styles, are all tailored and administered to your specific needs, whether recovering from injury, dealing with pain or de-stressing after a challenging day. In the absence of trauma, pain occurs when the body is unable to adapt to the challenges imposed on it, be it physical or emotional. Though hands-on treatment may be very effective in controlling and reducing pain, ideally, treatment should be given prior to the occurrence of pain eliminating undue suffering. Wellness visits allow for more freedom of activity with less emotional and physical pain and stress, and also help to strengthen the immune system.

Our therapeutic philosophy blends classical and modern disciplines of Eastern and Western origins tailored to the underlying issues of each individual. Your needs are optimally addressed through the experience of each practitioner in concert with the resources of the group. Whether you are dealing with a new injury, chronic pain or you require a new way to manage the many demands of life, our objective is to build long-term relationships based on your wellness goals.



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Studio Schedule

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